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How It Works

When is the best time to book a session?

It’s best to book before your baby is born. It is so important to plan ahead. Capturing your newborn within the couple of weeks of life while they are still curled up and quite sleepy, can make all the difference in your newborn portraits.

We only have a limited number of sessions that take place and our schedule fills up about four weeks in advance so please call to reserve a time around your due date or planned c-section as soon as you decide you’d like us to capture some unique Newborn artwork for you. Since it's impossible to know the exact day of your little one's arrival we will put you in our "floating" diary to hold a spot for you. When your baby is born we can easily move your appointment accordingly.

If your baby came early or if your baby is already born, don’t panic! We always do our best to squeeze newborns into our schedule and older babies take beautiful portraits too.

When’s the best time to photograph my newborn?

Newborn babies are best photographed between 6-12 days old. At this point they are still very sleepy and like to curl up as if they were still in the womb. This might be slightly different if your baby is early or premature.  

Where do the sessions take place?

Most of our sessions take place in our professional home studio in Drayton, Portsmouth during weekdays.

How long do they take?

We allow 3-4 hours for a newborn session and leave plenty of time for feedings, nappy changes and breaks for mummy and baby. We’ll have plenty of cookies, tea, coffee and soft drinks to keep you going. Some parents have even been known to catch forty winks. Just let us take care of you for a change. We can’t wait to meet your brand new little one.  

How should I prepare?

When you reserve your date we’ll send you all the information you need on how to get the best out of your session.  We’ll also have a friendly chat on the phone (or you’re welcome to visit the studio) about everything you’ll need.  

When do I see my images?

We arrange a viewing appointment usually within 7 days directly after the studio session.

Can you photograph parents with new babies?

Yes absolutely! We believe that one of the most treasured moments are those special first days and the love and emotion of a new mummy or daddy whilst they cuddle and admire their newborn child needs to be captured to show the world and remember forever. We would therefore always encourage it, but don't worry it’s not compulsory. We can discuss the different options with you when you book your session with us.   

What if my baby doesn’t sleep?

Don’t worry! We’re very patient - all babies will eventually sleep.  We’re newborn specialists and experts at baby soothing, so please don't worry. Susi has been called the baby whisperer by a few clients.

What if my baby is a bit jaundiced, or has flaky skin?

No problem...we will be able to enhance any images to make them perfect (including skin colouring, baby milk spots, dry skin, scratches etc)  

What products do you sell?

We have a huge range of products including, Wall Art (Canvas art wraps, acrylics, gallery and gift frames etc), printable images with copyright on USB, albums and other print options.  Prices range from £49 to £895.  After your studio session we’ll walk you through our gallery and explain in detail all the different options. You’ll also get a product and price list to take away and look through before your viewing.

Do I need to bring props and baskets?

We supply all of these and have a large collection to choose from depending on your preferences. However you are welcome to bring any hats or props that you would like to have the baby photographed in or with. We at Small Treasures Photography encourage our clients to bring special and personal items which make the session and images unique and meaningful.  

Call us for a friendly chat today on 0789 099 1393 or go to our CONTACT PAGE, enter your details and we'll get back to you.

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