Before you were conceived  I wanted you,

Before you were born  I loved you,

Before you were here an hour  I would die for you,

This is the miracle of  Love.        


 -Maureen Mansfield-


The birth of a child marks a defining moment in your life. From this day forward,  EVERYTHING  changes.  

You have a new reason for living. You have a new reason to love. And just weeks from now, your little one will no longer fit so tiny in your arms. They are only this little for so long. With a newborn portrait session at Small Treasures Photography we will help you, preserve those memories forever.   We want to welcome you to   A  RELAXING  AND  MEMORABLE  WEEKDAY  STUDIO  SESSION   worth £95 to capture the very beginning of your precious and delicate little bundles new life. We will dedicate up to 4 hours for you and your baby so you can rest assured that we won't rush you through at all. Your baby's comfort and safety is our priority at all times as well as your own. You might even be able to get some rest while we are taking care of everything for you.  

Once you are gone we will   CREATIVELY  EDIT  AND  PREPARE  THE  BEST  IMAGES   from your session for you.  

About a week after your session we will set some time aside exclusively for you and invite you back with a guest of your choice for your very own PRIVATE  CINEMA  STYLE  VIEWING   to preview the images and choose your favourite ones. We will take the time to design the right wall art for your home and select images for a stunning album or wall gallery.

Specialising in   FINE  ART  DISPLAYS   we offer a wide range of beautiful art products ranging from £49 - £999.   

We at Small Treasures Photography would be absolutely thrilled to preserve your most beautiful and cherished memories for you remember always and even give you a   100%  MONEY  BACK  GUARANTEE.   Our personal guarantee that you will be delighted at your viewing or we’ll refund the cost of your voucher.      

© Small Treasures Photography

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