Sitter Photography Session

Perfect for babies between 6 to 9 months!

So much happens in the first year of you baby's life and while we cannot stop time we can capture some of those exciting memories so you can preserve them forever!

No matter how small or young they are each tiny person has already got their own personality that we want to capture and let shine through in your images.

This type of session takes around one hour and is tailored around you and your child. After your session we will invite you back to the studio within one to two weeks to view your final gallery of a minimum of 15 beautifully enhanced and fully re-touched portraits. It’s at this point when you may decide which collection you may want to purchase. 

A £49 non refundable retainer is required in order to secure your booking and reserve your time in our studio.

At no time are you under any obligation to purchase a single image if you don't wish to do so. Should you, however, wish to order just a few printed photographs rather than a collection, due to the time involved in processing, ordering and printing as well as creating the multiple versions of files there is a minimum order fee of £196 for loose prints.

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If you don't need any digital files we offer ten loose prints at 6"x9" beautifully presented in a memory box that's fully customised.

Memory Box with ten Photographs: £349

Memory Box with twenty Photographs: £449

Add on an additional Memory Box to any digital collection as a perfect gift for grandparents including the same prints: ONLY £59 or £99 incl. USB (Fully Customised to Your Own Preference)

(Fully Customised to Your Own Preference)

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In addition to loose prints, we offer a box of ten 10" by 8" prints, board mounted and beautifully packaged in a customisable folio box.

Folio Box of 10 Board Mounted Art Prints without USB :  £499 

Folio Box of 10 Board Mounted Art Prints including USB :  £599

Second Grandparents copy: from ONLY £99 -without USB- (Fully Customised to Your Own Preference)

UPGRADE from memory box for: ONLY £99

(Fully Customised to Your Own Preference)

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Stand alone printed Photographs

If you just want to purchase a few prints on their own please note that due to the time involved creating, processing, re-touching and printing a minimum amount to purchase individual prints is required.

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